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I will ONLY Tell You The Truth and what can Actually Be Seen from Numerology, Tarot, Astrology or Intuitive Coaching. I can Navigate You Through Whatever Situation you are dealing with at this time. Numerology Shows your Path of Least Resistance and the things that are Blocking you from getting what you want. Much like Astrology, Numerology can tell you the Best Timing to start doing something and I can tell you what is going on for your year, month and even day and what is to come. However, as far as timing goes for an exact thing to happen, Everyone has FREE WILL. I cannot tell you what you will choose or what someone else will choose, but I Can tell you where you are and where this other person or entity is in life right now and what Current Energy is coming up for for each of you. With a degree of probability where the current energy is taking you. That energy can change based on either parties choices and outside influences. But...I can also Teach You How to MANIFEST What You Want.

For decades I've been a Leading Intuitive Coach for Business and Personal Lives helping people Manifest What They Really Want by using the Law of Attraction and Paradigm Shifting through my unique Tools and Methods. I have the ability to see exactly which patterns are holding you back and I'm extremely well versed in fixing business plans and relationships. It's all about "the system" you are implementing currently. My clients have manifested houses, successful careers, record deals, money flowing in consistently, landing auditions to getting lead parts, achieving financial freedom as well as finding their soulmate and getting married quickly. These tools and manifesting system can get you what you want if you use them correctly, and change how you feel, eliminating anxiety, stress, worry and other feelings stopping success.

I look forward to helping you Manifest the life you desire and deserve!

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Highly Intuitive Coach and Numerology Reader

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I have helped countless Celebrities, CEO's, Entrepreneurs and their employees, Creatives and people with Personal Problems change how they feel, know what they want and Manifest it as well as achieving extreme Happiness for decades.


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Im online as much as I can be. If you would like a reading please write me to me with a good time and your time zone so we can read at your convenience.

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