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Well, it frighting me when I read about other people's biography because some of them are so gifted, but for me, it started when I was a child and I lived surrounded by tarot cards, little did I know that my future will be about tarot reading.
My neighbor was a female that I used in the summertime to spend my time playing with her nieces and sometimes asking her to open the tarot for me. My grandmother was a very beautiful woman able to read in stars. My mom read in coffee and in corn beans and I believe is more a curiosity of our family to know how the future is.
I've been working between 2016 and 2019 as a real adviser on the phone, that was the very first experience having my own deck. Since 2016 I studied every day, different decks, oracles, information, and thousands of calls from people all over the world.
I must say sometimes to be an advisor is a hard job but is making you be more patient more human, people are coming to you looking for help, sometimes people are desperate and you need to be careful of what kind of message you're delivering, you might change somebody lives.
I have to say I do have experience and day by day I receive amazing feedback from friends clients and even people that don't like my reading denying is not true at the end or later they are coming back to tell me I was right. Sometimes I am not connecting with people and this is happening when a person is not looking for a reading or is quite a skeptic about the tarot reading. It happened and I can't do anything about it.
I help people only if they are looking for an answer, believe in time and my info through the tarot, and had a desire to change and work on themself.
That all have been said I hope you will find time to have a reading with me, to make the difference and why not change the future.
I wish you all love and peace.

Psychic Specialities

My main specialty is:

Experience and Qualifications

My experience is over 6 years, working with people over the phone.


Working hours

Usually from 12 to 22 daily.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


Collette 21 August My first reading with this amazing lady🤗thank you
Timeaftertime 5 August Thank you for your reading
Char 9 March She very good on what she does shame I didn't have more money. I would definitely come back again. There wasn't much information that I give her that she already knew herself.
Thank you so much dear,  

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