About Us

About Psychic Mix

The Inspiration Behind Psychic Mix?

Psychic Mix began in 2017 with one simple aim; to create an honest and open platform that people can trust. The inspiration to build our website was our genuine love and respect for this industry, and the good it brings to people’s lives. We are one of the only family-run, independent psychic sites left online, and our goal is to build the most trusted chat network available. This is something we strive to achieve every day.

Honesty will always be our number one priority. Therefore, we reject 95% of all applications we receive. We would rather have a handful of genuinely talented psychic readers than pages of average ones. We value and have built strong relationships with our customers and our psychics by providing fast and friendly service from the heart. We welcome all feedback, and we react to any advice given. If you have any feedback, please contact us at support@psychicmix.com

What Will You Find on Psychic Mix?

Psychic Mix offers live psychic chat readings. We believe that this allows our customers to communicate more naturally. For those who are less confident, a webcam or phone call may add additional pressure to the experience, which can affect the reading and by interfering with the connection to the psychic expert.

Psychic Mix offers a complete range of distinct services to satisfy any requirement. We have highly gifted tarot card readers, clairvoyants, mediums, empaths, and astrologers to name a few. Furthermore, each psychic expert has an individual shop, where you can purchase other services such as email readings, birth chart readings, astrology forecasts, etc.

What Other Services Does Psychic Mix Offer?

In addition to our psychic chat service, Psychic Mix has built a fantastic and informative blog, The Psychic Blog. Here you will find beautifully written articles on a whole range of subjects, horoscopes by The Merry Man, meditation music, learn the tarot guides, and much more. Also you may purchase other services not found on Psychic Mix; such as Tarot Cards.

Furthermore, we have a thriving community over on our social media. Why not join our Facebook Group. Here you will be able to chat with our psychics, watch Live Streams, and post in a friendly and like-minded group.

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