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I am a trained and well-versed Astrologer and Psychic Reader and have knowledge in graphology, Vedic (natal) astrology, horary astrology, mundane astrology, psychic reading, life coaching, dream analysis, telepathy analysis, palmistry and numerology. Involve in practice and research on Vedic astrology since 1990 since I can best sum up, I eat, drink and sleep with astrology and it is my passion and ingrained in my blood and veins. I have inquisitiveness to demystify the human mind and future. I am a trained and well-versed Astrologer and have knowledge in graphology, Vedic (natal as well as mundane) astrology, horary astrology, mundane astrology, palmistry and numerology. I was featured in a famous Travel Blog of East Africa, Arena Newspaper (most famous and widely circulated newspaper in KENYA). Many International Celebrities are in my clientele list. I do possess uncanny abilities to read human minds and psyche to know the problems/issues in their lives. I always prefer to go into the deeper details and find out the problem in an individual’s life by applying astrological wisdom and gumption. I also apply deep insight and intuition to solve the problem in common peoples’ lives. Astrology is an occult science and I do possess such occult power to understand and demystify peoples’ problems. I completed astrological course on Vedic astrology, gemology, graphology, numerology, vaastu and colour therapy. My forte is relationship/compatibility analysis, childbirth related issue, match making, finance related problem, career related matter, marital problems, relationship issues, health related matter, psychological problems and counselling. I do feel astrology is a wonderful medium through which I can get deeper into any problem of human lives and connect with them. Besides, if I can distinguish the problem, I can also guide you all accordingly. Astrology is a guiding force for all of us who want to unravel the hidden talent. I want to be your true friend and guide.

Psychic Specialities

SKILLS: Clairvoyant, empath, life coach, western and vedic astrology, numerology, graphology, psychic reading, and spiritual counseling.

I am very passionate about sharing my psychic gift with others. It is not a job or privilege to me. It is something which I LOVE from the core of my heart. I love helping others, giving them clarity and truth. I am not always seeing good, but when I give bad or negative answers, I still try to coach others in the right direction. I love seeing how beautiful many peoples’ energies are world-wide. It’s amazing. I am a confident and strong psychic and I know I am able to help and guide others on this platform. I would love to guide people with the wonderful medium of astrology. I study and analyze the planetary configuration to give best solution to the people seeking astrological guidance. I can solve any problem related relationship and love life. I am a certified astrologer and psychologist. To me, astrology is an effective tool that can be used to provide psychological assistance to those who are facing even the most difficult situations. This tool is sharp on its own, but my skill set improves it even further. I have more than 30 years of experience, a high skill level, multilevel knowledge, and a continuous increase in my awareness of the fields of astrology, psychology, psychic reading, palmistry, numerology, and horoscope reading. Additionally, I have a deep understanding of my responsibility to use my gifts and experience wisely. I can explain the meaning of past events, the cause of present troubles, and the path you should take to resolve future difficulties. With 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge of Western astrology and horoscope reading, I will study the planetary bodies to help you discover the answers to your problems. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life, I’m here to help. Let’s interpret the message that the Universe is sending you.

Experience and Qualifications

A. Completed professional course on Western and Vedic astrology.
B. Completed Certificate Course in Palmistry and Graphology. Have profound knowledge in psychic reading, face reading, psychological counseling, numerology and dream analysis.

I am helping numerous people globally using different branches of astrology and also I derive intense satisfaction. I involve in extensive study of astronomy and mathematical astrology since many years and helping clients to deal with their challenges in life across the globe gives the best satisfaction.

I have specialization in the following areas:

1. Horoscope analysis

2. Love & relationship problems (Including divorce and break-up analysis).

3. Career/profession related matter.

4. Financial success and prosperity.

5. Lovers compatibility analysis.

6. Speculation and speculative investment.

7. Twin-flame analysis.

8. Educational matter.

9. Progeny related issue/problem.

10. Horoscope analysis.

11. Dream interpretation

12. Spiritual counselling

13. Passion Personality

14. Dream Analysis

15. Kids counselling

16. Your Passion Personality

17. Sibling compatibility

18. Sexual Soul-mates

19. Gay or Lesbian Compatibility Reading

20. Business Partner Compatibility

21. Colleague Compatibility Reading

22. Reviving the spark in a romantic relationship.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 AM to 22:00 PM

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English
  • Hindi


Jersey chick 17 June He is such a great psychic. Made me feel better for the future.

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