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My vision has always been to share my love of Tarot with those inquiring, to help them find a clear path on their life journey.

The symbolisms of The Tarot offer insights into oneself, life situations, and how to move forward with courage. A Tarot spread is like a snapshot of one’s life, reflecting the Soul in the present moment, glimpsing into the past and linking the present to future possibilities when certain choices are made.

I was born and raised in Kenya East Africa.
In childhood I was often alone and became an avid reader of fairy stories, they totally absorbed me I also began to develop good listening skills

My Mom was known for her wisdom and common sense. Friends would visit to ask advice about their issues. Her uncanny way of understanding the motives and machinations of human behaviour quickly got her to the heart of the matter and she would advise accordingly It was awesome how she helped people.
Her friends were comfortable with me sitting in a corner quietly reading, and I could not help but listen. Mom would say ‘no need to worry about Penni, she’s off with the fairies” Meanwhile-I was privy to difficulties with marriage partners, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, indiscretions, disagreements with work colleagues, rebellious teenagers, embezzlement problems- I heard it all, yet at that time not fully understanding the import of it.

During that time I learnt so much about really hearing and feeling for people.

I live in South Africa, have been married for 54 years, am blessed with an extended family The tapestry of my childhood days in Kenya and family life over the years have contributed to my spiritual development and a progression from fairy myths and marvels to the magical Tarot!

My tools: Support from Spirit, Tarot & Angel Oracle card reading, a strong intuition, ability as an Empath, and a lifetime of understanding human nature.
I offer simple readings, in depth readings- or just a chat about finding the way forward

Psychic Specialities

Experienced Tarot & Oracle Card reader
Strong intuition
Life Counselor

Experience and Qualifications

Tarot & Oracle Card reading has been my passion for many years, I am an Empath, have strong intuition and a life time of experience in understanding human nature.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


Ev 17 September Very enjoyable reading :) Thank you Roma :)
 Ev it was awesome to meet and chat with you, look forward to hearing further news from you! Blessings, Roma Penni

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