My Biography

Hi I am Eden Rae. I read energy and connections and specialise in love, relationship and all round well - being readings.
I have been reading and connecting with energy, since as far back as I can remember. Maybe around 4 years old.

I have been offering readings for many years, on many platforms. You may very well have come across me already.

There is nothing more amazing than seeing the beautiful souls of all you wonderful people out there. Each and everyone of you are special, and unique, and so many of us forget that at times.
For example you may want to know how someone you love, feels about you. Do they feel the same as you? Why are they pulling away? You may seek career, friendship, family or life advice.

Psychic Specialities

We all have our own energy, which is connected to us at all times. This energy is who we are, what we want, what we need, how we feel and how we live. Some of you have clear energy, some in colour. Some in many colours that just bedazzle.
Life is a precious gift and something we all take for granted, so many times and in so many moments of our life. I read those energies and the energies of people you are connected too. Past, present and future. Are you with your soul mate for e.g. Are you where you need to be in life? Have you stepped off the path of destiny? I offer life coaching & mindfulness advice, for you to do with as you please.
In a reading I will tell you what I see and feel around you and connect with you to find answers, to questions you seek.

Experience and Qualifications

I have worked across many platforms and for several companies. I have read at exhibitions and done presentations. I spent some time learning and on courses for mindfulness, and life coaching. I believe life is what we make it and everyone we meet has a reason for, and purpose, to our lives.


Working hours

Changeable, but pre-bookable.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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