My Biography

Wise, Deep, Clear, Passionate, Thoughtful, and Healing Spiritual Guidance Is what I offer.

Royal Reddd Peace is MY Name. This is my Ancestral Name.
You May Call Me- Royal Reddd NOT Reddd. (smiling)

I Am an Intuitive Empath Psychic Being I am. Super Passionate about assisting clients to get to the ROOT of their situation for healing transformation. Providing Clear & Accurate Spiritual Guidance steps to bring transformation into your life is What I do BEST!

I came into the awareness of my gift at the age of 5. I could see and interact with different types of spirits, All Types (High and Low) By the age of 15, I had began assisting Loved ones with answering questions about WHY certain things were taking place in their life. And HOW they could find Personal Healing enabling them to connect to the Best path for themselves, manifesting their Most beautiful Life.

Sharing Empowering Spiritual Guidance to activate the Divine power within you is WHAT I Provide. If You should choose to receive from me, EXPECT GREAT change to come through you gaining a GREATER awareness of the Divine power dwelling within.
PRIVATE Chat Spiritual Guidance
EMAIL Readings-
-SINGLE Question
-MULTIPLE Questions (Up to 5 questions)
ORACLE Readings
- GENERAL Inquiry Reading (3 Card Reading)
- EXPANDED Reading (3 Card Plus) (Up to 4 questions)
IF you Require more than 4 please do a PRIVATE Chat. Thank you.
Here's to Embracing your Divine Power to create Lasting Change. Transforming your Mind, Heart & Soul.
Divine Love, Wholeness & Abundance-
Royal Reddd Peace

Psychic Specialities

- Accurate & Sensitive CLAIRVOYANT who Perceives what's going on through her Senses.

- I also receive Spiritual messages by CLAIRAUDIENCE from my Ancestral Guides, Spirit Animals and the Energies surrounding you.

- I Am a Strong Feeler- CLAIRSENTIENT who is able to feel blockages which may be keeping the client from moving forward on their spiritual path.

- I am an EMPATH- one who is EXTRA Sensitive and able to connect with the clients feelings and emotions as my own. I tap into the clients feelings and emotions to assist them to reconnect to themselves to bring healing. Also, to reveal any emotional blocks and mental programming which needs clearing.

-I am a MEDIUM- who is a clear channel for Divine messages from the Divine Creator.

- Strong SPIRITUAL GUIDE I am in which I lead you Step by Step to clearing and healing anything which stands in your way to success.

- I am an ORACLE ( A Wise, Insightful Spiritual being who receives Direct Spiritual Messages from the Divine Creator for your Personal Healing & Transformation).

- I am a SEER who sees Visions of events to possibly transpire in your life depending on the path you choose. Remember It's ALL UP TO YOU! I am Just a Guide.
- I Am Able to Provide Guidance with NO TOOLS but Mostly,
I use ORACLE Cards to bring the necessary Clarity and Insight needed for you-the client to Create the Life you desire.
- When I feel inclined to do so I USE RUNES at times to enhance the reading, possibly CRYSTALS if I am led.

Experience and Qualifications

Personal Readings for Family & Friends for over 31 years
Self Employed - Providing Professional Spiritual Guidance for 4 years


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


Fatima 22 May Great positive reading will definitely come back :)

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