My Biography

I work as a professional therapist, as well as clairvoyant and healer.
My background is; neurophysiology's, psychotherapist, coach, international professional therapist.

My rates for a Private Psychic Consultation :

2 Credits per minute for Live Text only chat
3 Credits per minute for Live Web Cam chat

Live text 1 Credit = $1.00

I take very spiritual yet Scientific approach to the work I do. My psychic abilities allow me to tune into a person on a deep level. I will always look to guide, give insight and where I can honest answers as to what I see for your future.

When working with a person I will focus only on you and your situation. No matter what the issue is, I can give clarity and answers - even if it is not the answers you expect.

Empathic & Caring service given at all times. I look forward to chatting and reading with you no matter what your situation is. Everything has an answer, we sometimes just need to look deeper to find what that answer might be.

Psychic Specialities

Crystal healing
Tarot Cards
Angel Card Reading
Psychic Reader
Empathic Abilities
None medical healing

I can also guide on cleansing your own energy / Aura field as well as your own environment (your home )

Experience and Qualifications

Thought Field Therapist
Humanistic Psychotherapy
NLP Coaching
Self Taught Neurophysiology’s Therapist
Expert in Tarot & Angel Cards


Working hours

Flexible working hours.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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Pay Rates

  • Private Chat: 3/min