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I am Who I AM! My Guides don't sugar coat it - Straight forward reading, to the point & direct mixed with love, compassion & a deep understanding.

When I stopped fighting my gift but embraced it as a Lightworker, started believing in my ability & my God given gift, & was able to share this gift & bring healing & clarity, I began to experience peace.

Having been born with my gift, for many years I was scared of the dreams, visions & words I heard & didn't understand how to use it. I was born into a psychic family. My Mom had psychic abilities & at age 2 I had my first "vision" - there was a car travelling in front of us & I told my Mom the people were going to have an accident with a big truck. My Mom replied that they weren't going fast & left it there. About 900 metres further on a truck came from nowhere & straight into the side of the car, sadly killing all the occupants - exactly as I had seen in my vision. At first it terrified me, but I soon realized I was seeing more & more & had feelings & a new imaginary friend who talked to me. By 5 years old I was talking to "dead people" & freaked most people out completely. During my childhood years I predicted many things & had many a "de-ja-vu" experiences, freaking out some of my parents friends & many a family member.

The most life changing vision was when I saw my Mom's death in a "video clip" & it was then that I realized this was the greatest gift she'd given to me, & I started to use it properly. At age 20 & it became the pivot that turned my life around (& upside down), & same with my late husband a few years later.

I've always known my gift was special but fought it for many years. I have always been the "rebel or black sheep" because I speak it as it is & because I was "different" & didn't conform to the "norm" was scorned upon by many of my relatives & friends.

I would like to use what I have to help you find the clarity & calmness as well as the way forward from the situation you find yourself in.

Psychic Specialities

Love & Relationships
Money & Career
Life Guidance
Fortune Telling
Tarot Reading
Dream Analysis
Astrology Reading
Traditional Healing
Numerology Reading
Psychic Reading
Intuitive Reading & Healings
Crystal healer
Reiki Master
Psychic Detective
Missing Persons
Missing Pets
Missing Items
Oracle cards
Tarot cards
Psychic awareness
Energetic Connection
Quantum Energy
Entity Clearings
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Experience and Qualifications

I am a well-known Psychic Medium & Mentor to many people around the world & am consulted daily from the “general person in the street” to Higher Corporate Level Clients, Corporate Investigations & Staff Vetting. Some of my clients include some of the Top Entertainment Personalities, Sportsmen, Business & Political Figures from around the globe, & from some very elite Corporations. I have also assisted police investigations in many missing persons cases both locally & internationally.

​I created a stir internationally, with the Donovan van Lill case that I worked on with another psychic, where our reports on the case were taken by the Wiltshire police, UK, to use in court, as well as the missing 5 “van Rooyen” girls from KZN a few years ago.

I have worked on many missing cases, too vast to mention but include reports to police, investigators & family in cases like the Siam Lee case, Ashaylin Govender case, Donovan van Lille case, Stephan De Winnaar case, as well as many behind the scenes cases & many, many ongoing cases.

Amongst the police assist requests were the cases like Annie Dewanie, Reeva Steenkamp & Jayde Panayiotou cases that became extremely personal to me.


Working hours

Every day from 09:00 - 00:00

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