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Psychic Seer Daniel Luise
I am mainly a fortune teller and from the 80s I started studying the Tarot and how to interpret and read it. I was born with a capacity, many call it a gift, I call it experience, study, dedication, knowledge, development of one's being to understand future events and steal important information to advise in the most right and correct way those who carry out a palmistry consultation,mental, mediumship with me.
I specialize in reading the twenty-two Major Arcana and the twenty-seven minor cards. I use in my readings both my mental capacity, to understand upcoming and future events, and my ability to read tarot cards.
In my profession as a soothsayer, psychic, medium and consultant I have specialized in helping the client to solve the problem of his relationship as a couple, to understand if there will be a return of love, if the marriage will have a future or not, if there is a betrayal or if the partner is faithful, succeedingto help the consultant find the right answer and understand how he can solve his problem and find his inner balance, in his relationship as a couple, marriage and cohabitation.
I also deal with resolving situations related to work, career, the economic future.
As a Medium I can connect with the conscience of a deceased loved one during a telephone reading. I specify that it is not easy to connect with entities in two seconds or three minutes, it takes time to achieve a perfect connection.
I can, for those in need, identify negative energies and those who may have wanted to create complications in your life using negativity.

Love and sexuality.
Love and couple relationships.
Breakup and divorce.
Career advice.
Reading and clairvoyance.
Betrayal in the couple.
Crowley Cards.
Rider Waite cards.
Advice on couple relationships and couple affinity.
Soul mate in love.

Psychic Specialities

Love & Relationship
Family Advice
Career & Work
Soulmate Reading
Vocation/Career & Finance
Life Coaching
Family Advice
Life Path
Spiritual Guidance
Tarot Predictions

Experience and Qualifications

Hi, more than 25 years of experience in the paranormal world and in the study of card reading and tarot cards and in their interpretation and divination. During my life, I have had the opportunity to receive lessons from great teachers of reading and hidden tarot, with these people I have increased my skills and my psychic gift is my gift of the medium. I had television experiences in my past, I had the opportunity to consult in my studio in Italy with live clients. I have also always worked for card reading companies for telephone inquiries and also live. My twenty-five years of psychic experience can help you balance your life.


Working hours

Every day from 2 Pm to 5 Pm and from the evening from 8 Pm to 10 Pm

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English
  • Italian

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dap930 24 October I wish I could explain this mans abilities. He is truly truly a treasure, if you want to know what will happen read with him.
dap930 24 January By far the best reader I have ever read with. I have had thousands if readings and never had any reader that was always correct. Daniel has not been wrong on even one thing.
Thank you Dap. I always glad to help you and to give you the right advice. Thank again for you beauty words.
P25 31 October Compassionate yet understands quick and to the point Thank you!
Thank you. ❤️
dap930 17 September Ive been getting readings now for nearly four years.... I came across psychic Daniel a few months ago.... I have never in this entire four years met any reader More talented..he Is truly truly a special gift... Incredible remote viewing....
Thank you Dap. I wish you the best for your life. Daniel.

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