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✨ Medium & Grief Counselor. Criminal Justice & Domestic/International Law Specialist & Human Rights Consultant.

🌈 I am a psychic medium and also a grief counselor. I am multi-cultural &
multi-spiritual. I am LGBTQ friendly as well. I am able to connect with
those who have passed away from the following:

👻 Natural Causes (illness, old age), Drug Overdose, Scuicide, Being
Kidnapped, Being Murdered, Being Killed in an Accident, Being Killed on
Duty as a Police Officer/ Firefighter/ Military Person, etc.

🎲 I can give business advice if you are a business owner and I can give
some legal advice since I have a background in criminal justice
administration. I also have a background in domestic and international

😿 Everyone has experienced the pain of loss. There are many types of loss:
death of loved one, divorce, serious illness, job career change, moving,
difficulty in meeting one’s personal goals, loss of a treasured item, and
loss of a pet, etc. It's normal to go through different kinds of stages of
grief. If you are looking for someone to talk to about your situation, please
allow me to help you move more comfortably through the stages you are
feeling about your loss & your situation.

👑 I do not guarantee anything in my readings or grief counseling sessions. I
only tell you what messages are being shown to me from my spirit guides.
The more specific your questions are the more detail the messages from
your loved ones to you will be. I am very approachable, easy to talk to,
and non-abrasive towards them. My answers are quick, direct, practical,
straight forward, honest, and others have felt comforted by the messages
given to them by my spirit guides. Many of them have told me that my
messages from my spirit guides have taught them how to have healthier
boundaries in their lives.

✨Contact me today.

Psychic Specialities

Mediumship, tarot readings, angel tarot readings, remote viewing, deceased loved ones, charm readings, grief counseling, domestic/international law and human rights consultant.

Experience and Qualifications

I am an experienced criminal justice paranormal psychic medium, also a
certified domestic violence abuse counselor, a certified ordained minister, and a certified human rights consultant. I am also a certified spiritual /business/ family life coach, who specializes in grief counseling. I am also a 3rd degree Reiki Master. I am also a pet psychic intuitive and accurate tarot card reader. :)


Working hours

Currently working various hours during the week.

You are welcome to add me to your favorite advisor list, so that you can be notified when I come online to do a session with you. I'm happy to look into the question(s) you may have. Please look at my profile to see how I work and the rates I charge for the services I do. When I am online, you are welcome to request for a private chat reading from me. You are welcome to request for a private email reading from me. You are also welcome to purchase services that I offer in the "expert shop" section on my profile, to look into the question(s) that you have. Thank you so much. Wishing you many blessings and peace. :) ~~ Princess Justice

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  • English


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  • Private Chat: £2.25 GBP per minute

1 Credit is 1 GBP

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