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I am a UK based TV Presenter and Actress and have been lucky enough to work on psychic and paranormal tv shows. I am a 3rd generation psychic and have been reading for people for over 10 years. I published my first book earlier this year (2019) which covers cosmic ordering and white magic, simplifying it for the reader. I currently live in London where I work from home as a psychic reader and often work at events reading for people face to face, in between my passion which is acting and presenting. My strongest ability is clairvoyance (seeing into the future) but I noticed very early on that people who had passed would sometimes come through. if that happens in a reading, I will always as a person if they wish to proceed and if it is too painful for that person, then we ask that spirit to step back. I always aim to get as much information as I can for my readings so I like to say I am a psychic reader with a "sprinkling of medium" If you prefer a solid mediumship reading you might like to select another reader. I read into the past, present and future. I can also "remote view" looking for lost items and pets. I always aim to see the best in a situation even if you are going through a difficult time but I do not make a reading fit a persons wants and needs, ill be honest in what I see and give guidance therein.
I am excited to read for you. If you need any tips on how to cosmic order that new job, new relationship or simply how to improve the energy in your home o workplace I will offer manifestation tips for you also. I do not offer spell craft through this site.

Psychic Specialities

I can offer clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, remote viewing, numerology, cosmic ordering, passed lives, crystals recommendations and power animals.
I always aim to get as much information for a person as I can. Often names come to me and I'll give them if they do. People who want to find jobs or want to have a career projection often come to me. I will always look at all avenues for you and see which on feels better. The whole point of having a reading is to see ahead to where you are possibly heading. You do not have to continue on that route after the reading, you can make changes and thus, change the course of your life. Meaning that the reading will change and you can avoid certain obstacles that a psychic see's for you. The choice is yours. It is not for you to sit and wait for the obstacles to come, grit your teeth and live through it. The reading is for you to enjoy, see ahead and hopefully get some clarity from that reading. I always aim to be positive and honest. I have heard some of the most harrowing of questions from deaths of loved ones to unsolved deep love issues as well as day to day questions like new love options and job interviews. Whatever you ask, i'll aim to answer it quickly. positively, and honestly. My guides are giving me this information, you will not receive my opinion. I do not judge. I am open to all.

Experience and Qualifications

Diploma in Wicca
2nd place Entrepreneur of the year - Centre of Excellence.


Working hours

Every day from 10am - 2am

I hope to read for you. I aim to be available 7 days a week as much as possible. The time you can usually be sure to catch me is Afternoons through to early morning.

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  • English


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