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I am chakra master and spiritual expert with innate deep capabilities of spiritual wisdom & Relationship science.Natural clairvoyant offering deep insight.

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I am Expert NAEL with GOD gifted abilities. A man with a strong relation with the heavenly sources or spiritual facts. I have the knowledge that is with the power and deep awareness with the relationship science and Spirituality.

The spiritual problems are being cured by me with the possible good and positive scheme. By the help of Almighty. I am spiritually skilled to solve any problem.

I have been dealing the Psycho and spiritual patients since 10 years. Actually my ripened experience and Knowledge is bestowed by my parents and spiritual guide. It has never been a herculean task for me to satiate others spiritually with clairvoyant knowledge.

I have the contacts with the metaphysical guides which directly or indirectly influence the human beings.

Psychic Specialities

*Eastern philosophy
*Family issues
*Soulmate connections
*Chakra balance
*Spiritual guidance
*Crystal compatibilities
*Nature laws
*Animal communications
*Dreams expert
*Life coach & career guidance

Experience and Qualifications

Over 10 years of experience In the Art of Spiritualism with accurate results. Studies in the Metaphysics of Science, Masters in natural sciences plus graduate in education. I am ready to support you, Inspire you and Guide you on your spiritual journey for enlightenment & happiness.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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