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I am an empath and an energetic-sensitive. I learned about my abilities 2 decades ago. I realized I was going through an ascension process as I have been experiencing a lot of ascension symptoms or the awakening process. Even at this point in time, I am still feeling the cosmic energies the Universe have been sending to us.

The awakening process led me to learn about who we truly are (as Love). As time goes by my psychic abilities started to open up such as clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.

As an empath, I began to pick up feelings and thoughts from others and even the collective. And because of this I started helping and reading to family, friends and some clients. My attunement to Reiki 2 and an on-going ascension process helped me to have an understanding about healing and helping people by providing guidance and wisdom.

Psychic Specialities

As an online claircognizant reader, I offer you the following:
1. Past-life readings
2. Dream Interpretations
3. Intuitive Readings (Career, Love, Family Issues, Self-help)

I use my intuitive abilities and/or the use of tarot/oracle cards.

As an empath and energetic-sensitive going through the ascension process, I can share my experiences to you and offer some advise.

I am an advocate of wholistic-healing. I like to emphasize that those who feel and believe they are going through the ascension process and experiencing a lot of physical symptoms, to ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Have yourself checked. We need doctors to help us with our physical conditions and we address healing our mental and emotional bodies.

Experience and Qualifications

Reading and helping people has not been a full-time job for me because as an energetic-sensitive, sometimes I have to stop what I am doing or working.


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yiayia 21 October Great read.
lokaiq 24 August Very accurate and hobest!! Appreciate her reading

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