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Working with me I assure you that you will get much more than just Psychic Readings.
You will enjoy regular message support at no extra cost.
During which we will discuss your issues and look at possible solutions and remedies. In this way we can use your paid Psychic Readings to greater effect.

I will send you Codes and Discounts at regular intervals.
Personal Card Readings from time to time delivered direct to you by Message.

I have been working as a professional psychic for over 25 years. I am a Master of Cartomancy; this means I use many different decks to connect directly with Your Guides. I use Tarot Cards, Playing Cards, Angel Cards, Spirit Cards. Your Guides will instruct me which deck to choose for your very personal psychic experience and reading.

With my tools I will connect to your guides and will be able to give you insight into most situations; love and relationships, sex life, soul mate connection, twin flames, money, career and can delve deep quickly into most difficult situation.

Together with my psychic abilities we will be able to see clearly into your future and I will deliver deep and detailed psychic readings.

I know I can help you find the best route to achieving what your heart desires.

In times of pain and despair it is so hard to know what to do next. If you feel alone or confused come to me right now and let us together look at your path ahead. I will do everything possible to start easing your pain.

Knowing when things are going to happen is really important. Most of my customers think it is essential. As someone who has spent a great deal of time studying Horology (study of time) you can be confident of my Timeline predictions. Through my connection with your Spirit Guides I will be informed of particular timelines going forward.

When the questions spin round in your head about your situation, then let me help start answering them with the direct assistance from your Guides.

Psychic Specialities

My psychic specialities are outlined below:-

Over 25 years experienced working as an acclaimed International Psychic.

Accurate psychic readings delivered through Tarot Decks, Tarot Cards and Tarot Spreads.

Psychic insight using Angel Cards and Spirit Cards.

Psychic readings using Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy; psychic playing cards created by myself.

An ability to quickly connect to your own Spirit Guides and understand your situation.

A wealth of experience in relationships and clearly being able to see future events and obstacles regarding a particular relationship, by delivering strong Love Readings by delivering Love Tarot Readings.

Do not hesitate to reach out and come to me Count Marco for clear and concise psychic readings. Let me pick a Tarot card or do a Tarot Card Spread for you. so we can best understand what will work for you going forward.

Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Experience and Qualifications

Count Marco is a fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy; with expertise in Tarot Card Readings using many different Tarot Card Spreads, Psychic Playing Cards, Angel Cards, Spirit Cards and a strong psychic intuition to be able to connect directly with your Spirit Guides.

Count Marco is a psychic timeline expert as he has spent many decades in the Study of Horology (The Study of time). Through his psychic readings you will receive direct clarity on timelines of events personal to you.

Creator and publisher of Count Marco's Cards of Cartomancy Psychic Playing Cards. These playing cards are sold, distributed and used world wide.

Count Marco's Cards of Cartomancy:-

Count Marco is a Reiki Healer; qualifying at the Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK

Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed.


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Available most days and evenings.

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Queen Bee 13 May His prediction on April 15th has came into fruition today ❤️
Queen Bee 15 April Loved!!!! The reading !!!!
Destinyy444 17 February Count Marco seems to be on point and a charming guy. I recommend.
Juju 13 February Thank you so much i want 5 star rating for you

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