My Biography

I am a intutuive lightworkers. I work with my sprit guides to provide high quality service. My readings are done in a direct approach, no sugarcoating.

Psychic Specialities

My gifts: Clairvoyant | Precognition | Claircognizance | Clairsentience | Claircognizance | Clairvoyance | Prophecy | Clairaudience | Remote Viewing. I specialize in Tarot Card Readings mainly.

Experience and Qualifications

Years of professional phone and chat service platforms.


Working hours

Monday-Thursday 8pm EST - 2AM EST
Friday-Sunday 9pm EST - 4AM EST
Check often hours may vary but usually I will be online during these times.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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Pay Rates

  • Private Chat: £3 GBP per minute

1 Credit is 1 GBP

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