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Welcome to the realm of spiritual insight and guidance. I'm a multi-faceted practitioner, using various tools to validate my intuitive abilities. With expertise in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Spirituality, I assist in navigating your spiritual journey.

As a Psychic Medium with over 35 years of experience in tarot, oracle, runes, and crystal reading, my dedication is to help individuals on their unique paths. I am internationally recognized as a Psychic Medium, Healer, and Life, Business, and Spiritual Coach.

Rest assured, your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, and all readings and interactions are handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. Whether you're seeking guidance, healing, or energy rejuvenation, I'm here to serve you.

In addition to psychic readings, my practice encompasses a wide range of skills, including Reiki, spiritual teaching, crystal healing, NLP, grief counselling, life coaching, business coaching, aromatherapy, and herbalism. My personal experiences with loss have prepared me to help others navigate grief and pain. I also specialize in Marine-Military-Police PTSD and Addictions

As a Medium with abilities in various "Clairs" like Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and more, I offer a unique perspective to guide you on your path. My approach is straightforward, compassionate, and empathetic, with a genuine desire to assist in all aspects of life.

I don't sugar-coat the truth. The messages I channel from my guides are delivered with love, compassion, and even a touch of humour. I serve as a conduit for spirit, delivering messages that you need to hear for your highest good.

My ultimate goal is to empower you, inspiring positive motivation and productivity to unlock your true potential and fulfil your highest calling. If you're ready for guidance and healing, feel free to connect with me, and together, we can illuminate your path with love and light.

No pregnancy/baby sex predictions, lottery, health diagnosis questions.

Psychic Specialities

Addiction Counselling
Crystal Healer & Teacher
Forensic Healer
House Clearings & Protection
Intuitive Psychic Medium
Life, Spiritual & Business coach
Master Herbalist
Medical Intuitive
Medical Medium
Missing Persons / Unsolved Murders
Marine-Military-Police PTSD and Addictions
NLP Practitioner
Psychic Medium
Psychic Detective & Profiler
Published Author
Reiki Master & Teacher
Spell work advice & Techniques
Tarot & Oracle Readings & Teachings
Widow/er Grief Counsellor

Experience and Qualifications

Advanced Angel-Tarot-Oracle (DV)
Advanced Tarot Diploma*
Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma*
Angel Reader (DV)
Angel Tarot (RV)
Animal Spirit Guide Therapist
Crystal Healing Diploma*
Fairyologist (DV)
Intuitive Angel Reader (DV)
Intuitive Crystal Therapist
Intuitive Master
Intuitive Tarot
Major Arcana & Mystical Tarot*
NLP - Practitioner
Past Life Therapist
Psychic Detective & Profiler
REIKI Levels 1-3*
REIKI Master Teacher*
Reiki Solas 3+4 Master Teacher*
Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma*
Spiritual Shaman

*distinction achieved


Working hours

Available anytime. If I am not online when you would like a session, please feel free to private message me & I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please also add me to your favourites to be alerted to when I am online!

Main information

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  • English


Char 20 January Cause she did say to me at onepoint when I went to her. All was good I ran out of money and then second time it was all bad . They can give you advice and that but always go with you gut feeling. Otherwise I would had lost him if I listened to her.
Char 20 January Always go with your gut feeling . She told me back in Nov to cut ties with a guy not to talk to him again and sent me cut the cord . I glad I didn't cause I met the guy recently and I'm very happy with him. You can get advice but always go with gut.
Char 8 November Seems good and seems to be honest with her answers. See what happens from here.
 <3 Look forward to hearing updates! Good luck & much love
Ev 5 November Robynne described my situation very well and got into the root of the problem. Thank you Robynne!
My pleasure Ev. I'm just the messenger. Good luck! Much love <3

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