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Every time I pick up a deck of tarots I get connected with them and I deeply just ask them to reveal to me what the consultant is going through.
They come back to me and they reveal me the truth, good or bad that it is, the most important thing is that they always tell me that you can change it. And even more important, they always help you to better know yourself, to make better choices and to understand what you need to change in your life, in your attitude or in your thoughts. ⭐️

??‍? Luckily on my path I am not alone, I have had the luck to encounter my mentor, who has years and years of experience, and she brought me into this fantastic digital way to help people. ??‍♀️

?‍♀️ I am a natural born gifted psychic. I have been using this power to help people going through their mind and their soul since I was 20.?

♌️ I discovered my gift long time ago, I remember I was always listening to people problems, stories, experiences; they were always coming to me for advises and since then I felt that I needed myself a guide, that's how I got to know the tarots. I am offering professional tarots reading since I was 20 and I am constantly studying them and trying to improve myself to give you the best advises.?

? I've also studied holistic medicine, which really helped me to think with my soul rather than my brain only.
During all these past years working in my studio I've met several people and several different experiences that made me thinking that I wasn't doing enough, that outside my studio there were so many people I could listen, so many people I could help going through their bad days, so I decided to start my experience online, because I believe that if you are connected with your deck, it doesn't matter where the consultant is sitting, what does really matter is sharing this gift and helping people. ?

Psychic Specialities

I am here to help you going through your great and bad moments.

Looking forward to talk about one of this topic with you..

Career And Work

Love, Relationships & Sex

Life Coaching


Family Advice

Money & Luck

Horoscope Reading

Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Dream Intepretation

Soulmate Reading

Letting Go - Moving On

Life Path


Personal Happiness

Spiritual Guidance

LGBT Relationships

Will he/she come back?

Is my partner faithful?

Am I on the correct way for my career?

Experience and Qualifications

I have discovered this gift a long time ago, when I felt that I needed a guide to help people. I discovered like that the Marseille Tarots Deck, I started so to read about them, I got curious and I made my path of living.

Since I am 20 I professional read Tarots, I have a Studio where I offer Naturopathy advices and Reflexology Massages.
I also have experience in Mental, Life, Spiritual and Business Coaching.


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Every Day

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Kellsa 8 July Cassy is like a breath of fresh air and delivers her readings in a quick and concise manner. I am blessed to have her and sharing this space with such a caring woman. XO
Cindymolloy 9 April Found her very good lovely to chat too give me lovely reading so hopefully if will come true for me thank you so much for your time much appreciated
Kellsa 18 March Cassy is not only gifted, but a gem at heart! Thank You XO
karishma 17 March I love love love chatting with her! She’s amazing and uplifting always and gives great realistic advice ❤️xx
 Sweetie I love talking to you as well :) Always remember you are a strong one <3

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