My Biography

Hi, I am Angel Reader.

At a young age, I found I was very empathic and intuitive. I was always intrigued by psychics, clairvoyants and healers.

I am a natural energy reader and I found applying this to my everyday life helps enrich my life and those in my life too. I take on my past experiences in life and find that I can understand peoples circumstances more. I am compassionate and I love helping people and guiding them through their journey.

I fell in love with reading Tarots and angel oracles. I found this to be a very useful tool to channel in divine messages for my clients and confirms what I pick up from the energy of the client. I use my psychic senses to deliver information relevant for each reading.

I trained last year through Sal Jade, using Rider Waite tarot cards. Then I further developed my skills doing angel channeling. And I am currently working on mediumship, connecting with past loved ones.

I treat all my readings with utmost care, honesty and love.

Blessings and love xo

Psychic Specialities

I am an intuitive angel channeler, clairyovant and an empath.

I am an emotional empath and pick up on feelings of those around me even past loved ones.

I am profoundly clairvoyant, see pictures in frames which helps me to connect the dots when I do my readings.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified Tarot and Oracle Reader, Energy Healer and Reiki Healer.

Spiritual Mentor - encourage others to develop their psychic abilities.

I use angel tarot, oracle and angel cards for most of my readings.

I am trained in using Rider Waite tarot cards and angel cards.

I am experienced in general, love, relationships, life purpose and career readings. My readings help pinpoint any blockages from past lives and current, digging deep and getting insightful messages.

I am currently working on mediumship connecting with past loved ones.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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