My Biography

Since early age, esoteric and mystic sciences triggered my curiosity and attention. That was always something that I kept in the background and dive in every moment I had an opportunity for that in between normal jobs and more mundane subjects.
There’s always something in the background that calls our attention and that we are driven too. That inspiration, desires, skills or whatever you want to call it are most of the time very active when we are young but quickly, we are called to the “real world”, to all the things we need to do to learn how to live in this world according to society norms.
Well, I believe that we don’t need to wait so long to live the best version of our lives.
I was fortunate enough to start becoming aware of these energies that are always running in the background and call us to our highest joy. I started to listen to that voice inside of me when I was 33 years old.
I changed my life and now I’m living an amazing life that brings me so much gratitude and pleasure.
My purpose and joy now it’s to bring more clarity and awareness to anyone that is ready to receive it.
I want to bring value to someone's life by helping to peel all these conditioning layers that we gather throughout our lives and don’t serve us anymore.
I want to show that there’s an amazing world out there full of pleasure, comfort and fulfilment but for that you need to open yourself and be ready for transformation.

Psychic Specialities

With all my life experience and qualifications combined I've been able to help many people in different ways. Most of the times I can't explain how some information comes to me. I receive a download of information in 3 or 4 seconds but it takes much more time to translate that energy frequency into human language.

The tools I prefer to use at the moment are
- Tarot Cards
- Astrology
- Numerology
- Sacred Geometry
- The Kabbala and Tree of Life
- Intuition
- Dream interpretation
- Face and body posture readings
- Spirit Guides connection

Experience and Qualifications

Since 2012 I start to manifest the life I prefer in several ways that allowed me to be at service to other by showing my example.

I'm an empath and can sense what is disturbing you and the energy you have around and emanating from your thought and feelings.

I study astrology since I was 20 years old, and this gives me I wider perspective of human psyche and how external energies can influence our lives and make the best out of it in order to avoid unnecessary pain and obstacles.

I'm certified in Thai massage and can also help to relieve pain, stress and tension from the body with my local costumers.

I'm certified Yoga Teacher with more than 10 Years of Yoga Teacher Trainings, self-practice, Retreats and Workshops. This allows me to have a deep understanding of our mind, body and soul allowing the use of the body as a vehicle to achieve higher states of consciousness through meditation, self-awareness, asanas and mindfulness.

I have several other formations in areas such as Tantra philosophy, Reiki and Meditation

My Tarot readings are a tool that I love to use for long time to bring to most accurate information to my clients allow them a clearer vision of the future, their fears and obstacles that cross their way and prevent the desired outcome to manifest.


Working hours

9:00 - 18h (UTC+7)

I can be available in a matter of 30 minutes maximum if I'm not live right now. Just send me a message to know your availability and I'll contact you soon.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English
  • Portuguese


Ev 12 November I had a lovely chat with Alex! He's doesn't give me false hopes and pretty lies and he saw my past relationship pretty accurately. Thank you Alex 🙂
Thanks a lot Eva.
Was a pleasure to talk with you 🙏😊 
Char 28 September Oh wow he picked up my past relationship very quickly I didn't even mention about it . I definitely will have to come back again for more reading.
Much thanks for your vote of confidence Char. Hoe you find clarity for future decisions 🙏😊 
karishma 30 March I’m not sure I feel my question wasn’t answered…. :( it’s all good thanks
 Much thanks for your review Karishma. 😊🙏 Hope next time we will have more time to chat 💓

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