My Biography

* Do you seek more meaning and purpose in your life?
* Do you regularly experience a roller- coaster of emotions, completely lost, as though you have no direction.
* Do you feel like a "misfit", like you don't belong on earth?
* Desperate to understand who you truly are?
* Do you have " internal struggles" that you have kept hidden from the world and even your family and sadly yourself?
* Do you often dream, desire and crave a more joyful, peaceful and rewarding life?
* Do you aspire to a better job, stronger marriage, a happier home where you are respected and appreciated.
* Do you wish and long for a more gratifying relationships with your family, friends, co - workers and even your inner self.
* Deeper intimacy, fulfillment and satisfaction with your partner?
* How do you break fee, let go and experience your full potential.
* The answer lies in a simple but but profound spiritual awakening and TOGETHER YOU WILL accomplish what's truly important to you and heal from your internal pain!!
*** YOUR journey to self healing and self discovery and to a brighter future can begin now.

*****NO TIME FRAME********
Example - if you want to discuss your husband, wife bring along a photo.
That would be appreciated. Thank you

Psychic Specialities

* Emotional Healing
* Spiritual Awakening
* Wisdom and guidance
* Self Discovery
* Relationships
* The ability to see the world beyond human perspective

***In order for a true and sincere awakening to begin and for emotional healing to start, we sometimes have to hear the truth and sometimes its not what we want to hear, but in the same breathe my readings will be kind, full of compassion and understanding. My words words will be spoken out of love, and honesty. My words will be used to uplift your spirits and revitalize your soul and fill your inner being with hope and spiritual enhancement.

In my readings, it can be your place of safety. A place where you feel safe, secure, relaxed and comfortable enough to let it all out and encouraged to heal and find out who you truly are in a holistic and nurturing approach.

Experience and Qualifications

* Play Therapy using anatomic dolls for children who have been sexually abused.

* Motivational Speaker in underprivileged schools.

* Counselled inmates who are serving life sentences.

* Presented a Youth Diversion Program for youth under the age of 18 who committed crimes.

* Care Worker at a AIDS Home, taking care of babies who have been removed from their parents care, due to severe neglect and sexual abuse.

*TEFL English Teacher


Working hours

Saturday - Sunday 10 PM - 4 AM

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


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