My Biography

Hello and welcome, I am Ronda, a psychic specialized in tarot cards, clairvoyance , and dreams explanation. I discovered my gift at an early age. I have been reading for more than 10 years for customers all over the world. I offer highly intuitive card readings on love, relationships, or career. I will shed the light on all the levels of your life. I can help you solve your issues and guide you to the correct life path. Do you want to know what is to come in your future unknown? Do you currently feel overwhelmed in your life? Is there something making you anxious or holding you back? Do you have any questions you don't know where to start? Whatever you are currently facing, I will pull my cards to help you find solutions and answers you need to lead a happier and better life. I have long years of experience and I will offer you both my wisdom and expertise. I will give you straightforward and candid information on your issues and worries you have. I am a very carrying psychic and I build a very deep connection with my customers, with my gift and spiritual intuition I will give you the answers and the guidance you need. The greatest thing in life is to see people happy and gain their inner peace without the suffering and pain of waiting. I will offer you nothing but the truth and help you make the right decisions, whether your uncertainty lies in: career, love and relationship, family life and marriage, personal growth, and emotional well-being. Be prepared to know and change anything you want.

Psychic Specialities

I am mainly specialized in Tarot card reading, psychic reading and energy detecting. However, since a young age I find out that I am an empath as far as I have a meduim abilities, and I am a clairvoyant.
I am specialized in :
Love and Relationship
Dating Advice
Business/ career
Soulmate connections(Two Kinds of Soulmate)
Past, present, and future
Dream reader
Cheating and Affairs
Path guidance
Spiritual connection
I am willing to help you with anything that you need in your life in general.

Experience and Qualifications

I have been helping people for over 13 years I can help you to know what could be in store ahead for you in destiny and also tell you if there’s a future ahead with your person of interest. Using my spiritual energies and connecting to your spirits will assist in giving clarity to your current situation and see if there’s a future ahead or not. If your relationship has the foundation it needs to last or not. I can look into your person of interest behavior, feelings, intentions, and relationship goals.
I can assist you with all common life issues such as love and relationships, career, failing businesses, soulmate connections, dating issues,..


Working hours

Wednesday off
Thursday from 16 pm till 21

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English

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Char 21 May Ronda 👏👌❤️ adore her ❤️
Char 8 February Ronda is just the sweetest soul. Helps me the best way she can. I can't thank her enough for being there when I need to ask her something. She guides you the best way she can. 💓🙏
Char 17 January Update with Ronda . She said I will meet person of interest in January and I did . She has been a great help to me . 🙂
Char 17 October Can't praise her enough . Ronda guides you best way she can. ❤️

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