My Biography

I study witchcraft since I was 10 years old, at the age of 13, I started working in a spiritist house where I developed my skills with the help of my guide, Monica Sartori. I worked with reiki, chromotherapy, passes and pyramid healing. After my departure, I concentrated my studies in gray, white and blue magic. I started dealing with the Marseille tarot at the age of 15, attending friends and close people, also learning how to handle the Goddess oracle, runes, radionic table and astral map. I am sensitive and clairvoyant and always try to transmute negative and/or heavy energies into lighter and healthier energies for my consulters. I have a total of approximately 25 years of experience.

Psychic Specialities

My areas of work are: crystal therapy, aromatherapy, baths, potions, baniments, magic protection, magic circles, tarot of Marseille, oracle of the goddess, runes, radionic table, astral map, numerology, therapeutic tarot, reiki and distance chromotherapy, palmistry and analysis of dreams. Within the tarot, I kept my studies focused on love and work runs. In the runs that involve love, I have for singles with interests in someone, singles + opening paths, boyfriends, married and divorced. In general, I do simple, detailed and mandala prints, which include at least 25 letters, detailing each area of life that the consulter wishes. I work with the oracles: Tarot of Marseille, Oracle of Goddess, Therapeutic Tarot, Angelarium, The Wild Unknown, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit, Shamanic Healing, The Literary Witches Oracle and The Modern Tarot Reader.

Experience and Qualifications

20 years working as a tarologist and oraculist.


Working hours

11:00 - 18:00.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English
  • Portuguese


Jersey chick 23 October Great reading!

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