My Biography

I have been reading angel and tarot cards for the past 15 years. My guides help me to bring the messages to those that I connect to. I tell you exactly what my guides and cards show me. I do not beat about the bush and tell you what you wish to hear.
It is an honour to connect with and help you delve into your life’s issues and to work with you to bring about understanding and change in your life.
I am an empath and am able to pick up on your energies and help you harness all the positive aspects of your life and help you move forward.

Psychic Specialities

I use a variety of cards to help bring you your messages from the angles and my guides. I always find them surprisingly accurate. Once I start reading my thoughts will be directed to the answer to your questions.

Experience and Qualifications

Many years of angel and tarot card readings


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


Obel 5 January Started off well but then offered too much advice. I wanted answers to my questions and more details not guidance. Ty anyway
Henk 18 August was very quick in answers. I am new and will see what transpires in the readings, Hope it is good as I believe.
I will comment as time comes.

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