My Biography

Naturally born God, gifted, psychic reader, serving and helping people from all walks of life whether it’s love, relationships, career or finances, I can help you in any questions you have I am non-judge, mental, very open, minded, honest, straightforward, and you can expect clarity and closure with my sessions.

Psychic Specialities

My psychic abilities include being clairvoyant speaking with the angels and the spirits.
Dating Advice
Soulmates Compatibility Readings
LGBTQ Issues
Love and Relationships Issues
Relationship Coaching
Unhealthy Relationship
Marriage - Infidelity
Divorce or Separation
Career & Work

Experience and Qualifications

I am a experienced, clairvoyant, honest, straightforward, psychic, I have developed. My ability is naturally from my family and inherited and started to hone my abilities I started giving readings to my family, and once I have became more experience, I start doing it for friends and then later on people, I’ve never met before once I started, noticing that my predictions were coming true I knew I had a real gift


Working hours

Every day from 10 AM till 5 PM pst time

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


Char 25 April Very quick with he's replies answered questions I asked. Felt positive with he's answers. Hopefully I will come back when timeline comes true
thank you so much Im glad I was able to help and give you clarity.

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