My Biography

Hi My Name is Alexis, I am here so you can contact me to gain Insight to your hidden issues, Clarity to your problems and Answers to your most troubling questions. I specialize in Love and relationships but can help in all aspects of life. I want you to be able to have the truth you deserve so i will not sugar coat anything i am here so you can understand your past to have a better outlook on your future. No need to feel lost and confused let me guide you to that peace of mind you deserve and help you through that break up or advise you in a new relationship, or maybe you need some insight on a new job or whats going on with a friend or family member. Whatever it maybe I can shed light in your situation. Contact me and lets get you where you need to be for your Body~Mind~ & Soul~

Psychic Specialities

My Psychic Readings are read by your energies and vibrations it reveals Past~Present~ and ~Future, all i need is for you to provide your full name and Dob.
I have a Love and Relationship reading that is fully focased on your love life, looks into your past relationships your present and can help you in your future love life. I can advise you in divorce and soulmate, breakups and reunite you with your loved one.
I do a tarot card readings which I read 8 tarot cards for you and reveal what these cards have to say for your energy in all aspects of life.

Experience and Qualifications

I am a fourth generation psychic, I have been sharing my psychic abilities since 8 years. I work from my psychic shop and am so excited to broaden my horizons through this site so i can reach out to more clients, and leave a wonderful impact on ppls lives.


Working hours

Monday-Saturday 12pm-2am

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


jolimano 16 November She picked up on my situation immediately, accurately, without asking any questions besides names and birthdays! Spot on details as well. Time will tell with predictions!

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