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Highly compassionate, creative, and intuitive, my name is Lisa Anderson.I am a compelling Spiritual Advisor whose sole mission is to leverage my spiritual gifts to support others with their spiritual growth journeys. Since the age of 16, I was chosen to bridge the spiritual world and the physical one. I began receiving clear visions while awake, which were often answers to questions weighing on my own heart and within others. I started to sense underlying dangers before they happen, giving me the ability to warn and guide myself and others down a better, thriving path in life instead.My goal is to provide insights, guidance, affirmation, and confirmations on the matters concerning your heart.

Psychic Specialities

You will find I do things differently. It will be comforting, inspiring and an insightful experience. Please come into the session with an open mind. This will allow us to truly connect and get to the root of your concerns. Answers sometimes come through angel cards, visions, angel numbers and scriptures. This sessions offers insights, validation, clears up confusions and bring emotional balance as well as offering potential solutions and options in your life.

I am here to assist with questions concerning:·
Love & Relationship· Business/Career· Life Path· Finance/Prosperity

I specialize in· Spiritual Healing, Angel Card Reading, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation.

A private reading with me will influence every area of your life. The whole process of connection is uplifting, liberating and healing, as we identify options and obstacles in your current path on this journey called life. I will help you learn more about yourself and see your life from a larger perspective. By working with me, I will show you how to think in more expansive ways and gain insights into the events in your life.

Experience and Qualifications

Born with a natural ability to understand and communicate with the spiritual world. I would normally say I developed my gifts, however my gifts actually developed me. I realized as I grew older how much my gifts has played a key role in my life and others simply by giving me warnings, visions and a direct path to follow. The more I listen the more I was able to help myself and others on their path called life. More and more individuals, began to seek me out for help. After awhile I realize this is what I was called to do. Show others what is hidden underneath and provide valuable insights for others in order for them to get back to enjoying their path.


Working hours

I am here most mornings & afternoons Mon-Fri. Sometimes on weekends. Eastern Standard Times. I am always available by message 24hrs a day. I respond to all messages within 24hrs or less.General Questions, Requests For A Reading For Live Chats, or Inquiries about my services or styles will not be charge. My Live Chats are done by Appts. Only. If you want a reading done today, Just ask as I may have an appt available due to reschedule or cancel space.

Readings or Advice of any kind requested by message will be charged. I will not answer such questions unless you approve the fee charged. I charge by the amount of questions. So fees will vary depending on the situation and circumstance. As I am a detailed person, I will provide you with the cause and the effects, challenges and influences along with the best direction to take or what the best outcome you can expect for your situation.

Free Chats- During free chats, This is your chance to get to know more about my style, get to know more about my gifts, and see if I we connect. Sometimes I may answer one question or pull one card for you. This session does not allow enough timing to evaluate your issues or concern in depth to give you an accurate answer. I invite you to purchase some credit so you can full insights on the cause, effects, influences, best direction to take in order to obtain the proper outcome. I can tell you yes and no all day long but without knowing how to get there really and to stay there does not really serve you any purpose. Look at paid sessions as an investment to really understand what is the underlying issue. Do not just put a band aide on the issue. Get to the root of the problem.

My Sale Price... Will always change. It is the angel frequency number I am speaking on at that time. My chat headings will always state what this angel what message this angel has to bring for that day. Call me on that day and feel the blessings of that angel # poured into your chat.

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