My Biography

Clairaudient (I hear), clairsentient (I know), empath and intuitive are my natural gifts that I am blessed with. I use tarot as an additional resource for insight, but rely primarily on my abilities to help as best as I can in any situation presented to me.

I come from a place of no judgement. Love and a strong desire to help those in need are my driving force behind what I do. I do not shy away from sensitive topics and prefer to be as direct as possible, though I do occasionally delve into more whimsical states when the mood permits.

Love, curiosity, easy laughter and balance are part of my core. Word of warning, I tend to cuss when I get caught up in the moment, please let me know if you would prefer I reign it in and I will do my utmost best to not let the inner sailor out.

Please note that I do not read on medical issues, and I highly encourage you to seek out medical assistance through a qualified practitioner.

Psychic Specialities

I specialize in love and relationships including soulmate, karmic and Twin Flame connections, guidance for self and spiritual growth, and sexual exploration and development. I use a variety of tarot and oracle to compliment my natural abilities as a reader, delivered free of judgement.

I do read for career and finances, but will wholly admit that these two areas are not as strongly developed as the former topics. I do get shown timelines, however, it should be mentioned that time is an illusion, and what I pick up energetically may not always resonate with an initial timeline given due to free will. Divine Timing and our own choices strongly influence our own timelines.

Experience and Qualifications

I've always been aware of my abilities as an empath and clairaudient, while my other gifts have been lovingly developed over the past 20 years. I've been reading tarot professionally and "pro-bono" as called on for 2 decades, and absolutely love what I do here on Psychic Mix.


Working hours

Available on request, and email readings.

Main information

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  • English


Natasha88 5 June She is really great! I felt all details and clarity were genuine! Thank you so much love!
Doublechecker 20 November Jenn is the real deal. The reading was detailed and she saw and understood what the current situation is. She gave good advice as well.
jolimano 11 December Gifted, saw into my situation with POI and everything she said resonated!
yiayia 18 November She’s cool, and fun to talk to.

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