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* With over 10 years of experience, my readings helped people with their circumstances and to acknowledge how to understand themselves.
I first started to notice my gift when friends and family asked questions and I answered with accurate predictions of what will happen.

* I am very intuitive. Life’s experiences have pushed me in the direction of spirituality and alternative healing. I believe that we all can create our luck,
sometimes; however, we might need help along the way. That said I do not make decisions for clients, but merely serve as a guide.

* I, however, try to assist in empowering them by pointing the client towards beacons and markers on his/her path. My goal is to guide clients towards the enlightened being of love and light, which indeed they were meant to be. All my readings will and always be private and confidential. A psychic reading with me will tell clients PAST, as it was, clients PRESENT, as it is, and clients FUTURE, as it will be! I like reading Tarot cards for the sole purpose of having accurate readings to clients and understand Tarot and it's analytics.

Psychic Specialities

* I've done readings for Relationship Advice. Love and dating. My Psychic skills will involve using the right tools to do specific readings. I mainly specialize in Tarot card readings

* I will use the Alchemical Tarot and Clover Tarot to conduct readings. Using these Tarot cards enable me to predict accurate readings.

My ultimate goal is to help clients in need of answers.

* In the store section of my profile, I have full readings available for purchasing. There I will do a detailed reading on Love, Relationship and Spiritual guidance. The readings will be conducted using my abilities and consulting the cards. The messages will then be sent to you as a client in private on the platform. I don't believe in timelines. Everything will become clear to the client when He/She believes and with patience.

* When coming in for a chat, the free minutes are for introduction purposes only and no free readings will be conducted. If time runs out I will send you a follow-up message. When consulting the cards the reading may take longer than what live chat allows and the full reading will be sent to you in the mail section.

*One of the most common subjects brought up during readings are matters of the heart. A love reading is a powerful route to find the answers you seek. Email readings allow me a reader to impart their wisdom to guide you on the right path to take.

*One of the most important things to remember is not to ask yes or no questions. Examples include “Will I find my true love?”, “Will my current relationship work?”, “Will he ask me to marry me soon?” or “Is he cheating on me?”

*Open questions on your relationship issues can provide better direction on changing an outcome based on the choices you make. :)

*There are several things you can discover from having an email reading, the first is clarity. If a situation has been clouding over you for some time it helps to sometimes get a fresh perspective and a neutral view over your situation.

Experience and Qualifications

Crowley Cards
Live Tarot Card Readings
Spiritual Advice
Dream Analyses
Mail Readings


Working hours

Various Hours

Main information

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Doublecheker 12 April Draco was very accurate in his assessment of the situation and the personalities involved. This was not a canned response but a detailed assessment and reading. 5 stars.
Annznl66 7 April You absolute put me back on my path again what a primo reading again thank you so so much till next time !
Thank you so much for connecting with me Anna. It was a pleasure and honour to read for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world and for endless love to come your way. Many Blessings :)  
Beautifulbunny 6 February Thank you for the sincere personal interest you take in your gift to assist others....
 It's my pleasure to assist where I'm able and will continue my quest to find the path that will lead towards the answers you seek. :) Thank you for your patience and guidance.
Beautifulbunny 5 February Very warm and considerate of each individual and their search for answers...
 Thank you Beautifulbunny for your kind words.

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