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Ever since going out into the world as a young adult, strangers would approach me and share their most intimate hurt and pain with me. This baffled me until I started seeing healers and tarot readers, who confirmed that I too am a healer with natural gifts of empathy, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance.

And so, 15 years ago I embraced a healing journey for myself and others, embracing and growing my gifts . I'm still blown away by the positive effects on my clients lives!!

I strongly believe that this time we are going through on Earth is a wake up call for us all. The survival of Humankind, the Earth and moving forward in healthy, positive ways is in crisis and we all have a responsibility to seek our own healing. As we heal ourselves, we heal our families, relationships and environment. And the time is NOW!

We can no longer afford to be isolated in our pain, and we don't need to be!
I've been practising the Tarot for myself, friends and family and as a useful tool in my healing practise for the past 10 years and the insights and wisdom gained has been invaluable, as daily guidance as well as being incredibly helpful in navigating challenges big and small.

I don't predict the future, as there are too many variables that can influence this. Future outcomes are determined by what we do, change and heal today and this is made easier by clarity, guidance and wisdom. I look forward to connecting you with yours.

Psychic Specialities

Egyptian Sekhem

Experience and Qualifications

I am fully trained as an Intuitive Energy Healer, in the disciplines of Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem.
Years ago I signed up for a Tarot course, so I have a certificate in that as well...until I realised that no one can teach the tarot---it's all about employing one's natural healing gifts and practising daily to connect with clients and cards. EXCITING!!!! I look forward to connecting with YOU on Psychic Mix


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

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