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Belinda Star is a woman of many gifts, that will guide you into deep details full of valuable information, that will give you a better advantage over people and situations. Her messages are clear and precise to help develop your life divine purpose. A purpose that will lead you toward fulfilling your life with the love you seek and desire.

She effectively tunes into the most complicated, complex and sometimes unexplained situations. By accurately tuning in to analyze each detail of your situation to deliver truth and predictions that are amazing on point!

So, if you need clear, direct and straightforward answers? Belinda Star is honest, caring and delivers her messages in the most compassionate nonjudgmental way possible.

Her multi-level gifts will guide you with an incredible advantage in all phases of your situations.

An advantage that will help enhance the quality of life choices you make; no matter what the topic is. She gives you clarity to understanding the truth of who you are really dealing with and why they behave the way they do. As she assists you in intensifying your power to effectively communicate with them.

Belinda Star is a gifted emphatic reader that will guide you through any situation with honesty, kindness, and respect. Born to read through the spirits that are always strongly around her, guiding her to all truths. Readings are accurate, clear, and persistently on point.

Belinda can guide you to see what is driving the behavior of those around you by revealing their real agenda. So, you will be able to make wise choices based on facts and not your emotions.

Psychic Specialities

Dating Advice
Soulmates Compatibility Readings
LGBTQ Issues
Love and Relationships Issues
Relationship Coaching
Unhealthy Relationship
Marriage - Infidelity
Divorce or Separation
Career & Work

Life Path
Life Purpose
Spiritual Guidance
Spirituality and Faith,
Spirit Guides,
Remote Viewing,
No Tools- Energy Reading

Experience and Qualifications

Belinda was born with special gifts to tune into the spirits and read the energy of others from a young age. As an adult she has fine tune her gifts to a more advanced level providing reading for customers all over the world. Using Phone, Chat, Email and Personal Reading by appointments. Professional Reader and Advisor for over 35yrs.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English


whereis22 27 March NICE AND FAST!
I am very accurate 99.9% and I do not waste time in getting the answers my client seek. My fee is pricey but the results you get are very accurate!  I appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Thank you!!!
Potential Clients if you are seeking the truth, I am the one to contact.

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