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Hello! My name is Ahinora . I am natural born psychic reader with over 30 years of experience in clairvoyance; mediumship; energy working; healing; life coaching. Connection in few seconds after I get your date of birth and personal name . I can answer all your questions - every area of the life: career; job seeking ; finances ; investments; buying and saling; bio energy diagnostics; Personal life- love; family ;children.If you want to ask for someone else , please, give the date of birth and personal name of the person.I give time frames.Your energy days every month.Free hints .

Psychic Specialities

Clairvoyance. Life coach, Healer. Natural born gifted - energy worker; Certified life coach.No tools.Energy worker

Experience and Qualifications

Over 30 years of experience online and TV


Working hours

Everyday evening ; weekends too.

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English
  • Russian

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Kainaj1980 4 January As always Ahinori is spot on with her prediction & as honest as ever. I will continue to visit and chat with her as much as I can.. nice work
KarynLee 10 August I didn’t get the answers to questions I was asking. I found the reading confusing, it made very little sense. Quite disappointed.
 The people hear and see only this they want to hear and see.If the person is not ready to face the facts , how will be able to go ahead...Be healthy
TheGuy 3 July Couldn't be more inaccurate. Very negative. I have spoken with several on here and hers was completely different. Wasn't even close on things she said, I closed chat and moved on.
 The life is not only positive , if we cannot accept the lessons of the life , we will not be able to go ahead. Same mistakes , same results. Try to work on yourself , always helps. Be healthy . Success
Kainaj1980 5 March By far the most accurate psychic I have worked with. Ahinora has made many predictions for a long time now. Highly recommended

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