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I work with The Tarot and the Spirits around both yourself and me to answer your questions. You may not always like what you hear in a reading with me however you can rest assured I will ONLY GIVE THE TRUTH.

I use my gift to guide you, it’s your choice how you use the information I pass on to you from the Cards or Spirits.

When reading with you, I will help you to become empowered by the knowledge you receive within the reading and really feel secure in the path that you are walking. My true belief is whatever our choices now or in the past we can all achieve happiness and contentment within all areas of our lives.

Psychic Specialities

Spirit Guides
Dream and Pattern Interpretations
Angel Cards

Experience and Qualifications

From a young age I have been taught to channel my gift which has been passed down through my paternal line
I have been giving psychic readings to my clients for the last 12 years, with much accuracy and I have built up a client base filled with repeat customers.


Working hours

I work most days and various hours throughout the day and night. If I am not online when you would like a psychic reading feel free to private message me and I will be sure to get back to you in regards to when I am next going to be available. Don't forget to add me to your favourite adviser list to be notified when I come online!

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  • English

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karishma 21 April Thank you heaps! I always love talking to you. Every time I feel I’m slipping away, I come to you for advice so thank you from my heart. I believe in whatever you are able to tell me xx
Your welcome Karishma! Its lovely to connect and share your path. I look forward to your updates and take care x 
devorahj 19 April my go to on this site, she is always spot on
she is the best in here
Your too kind! Thank you for your lovely review. Please keep me updated and take care x 
karishma 13 April Honestly, you are amazing! You give me such hope and strength xx
Thank you and huge hugs to you! xx 
geetika 11 April Only immense gratitude & love for Raani ! She’s been my rock through the last few years and she’s ALWAYS been correct with her predictions & her accuracy is truly mind blowing ! So much love & more love to you always ❤️ Can’t thank you enough !❤️
Thank you Geetika for all your kind and loving words...the journey has been long yet insightful and I hope that I can continue to share your path moving forward. Huge hugs x 

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