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About Psychic Greg; I begged my wiccan mother for a tarot deck all of my own when I was a child, she finally gave in and bought me my first deck for my 15th birthday. I am now 33 and have 8 different decks, including the one she bought for me 17 years ago!

I learned everything there is to know about divination from her and she was an excellent teacher. My grandmother could also see spirit and read palms and tea leaves. I was brought up to see the world beyond what we see with our 2 eyes.

Unfortunately my mother is no longer with us, but I feel her strong energy around me especially when I am giving readings. She helps me a great deal and I wouldn't be half the reader I am now if it wasn't for her and my family's guidance.

The spirit world has always been fascinating to me, it needs to be respected and I believe that people do not show it the respect it deserves.

I love to link in with my cards to begin with but as I get to build a connection with my client the information just flows.

I am completely non judgmental - after all we all have our stories. It is not my place to judge, but to guide.

I would like to think my reading style is friendly, but to the point. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear if I see something different. Honesty is most important.

I cannot wait to read for you on Psychic Mix.

Psychic Specialities

Tarot, clairvoyant, love and relationships, sexual issues, family, pets, crystals

Experience and Qualifications

4th generation psychic/tarot reader with 16 years reading experience, level 4 diploma's in counselling and psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.


Working hours

Most afternoons and evenings

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  • English

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Fatima 10 November Thank you so much gregg for the reading
jolimano 8 September Detailed and friendly. Only time will tell if the predictions come true. Thanks Greg!
Fatima 3 August Thank you so much gregg for answer my question i hope you have a great day
karishma 8 July I’m sorry I ran out of money :( but it’s always great talking to you and I really wish I could continue. You are always very positive and caring. Wish I was able to know more. But I will be back xx

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